Background of the Story

My son Abie lost his ability to speak around the age of 14 to 15 months. His limited vocabulary of around 12 to 15 words rapidly disappeared within a few weeks of his 3rd set of inoculations. His first word, “Abu” (meaning “father”) disappeared first.

We had decided we would not inoculate my son due to the presence of thimerosal (ethyl mercury) used as a preservative in vaccinations. Being considered one of the leading authorities in metal toxicology, there was no way I was going to allow my son to be exposed to mercury, the 2nd most toxic substance known to man. Unbeknownst to me however, my now ex-wife had gotten him the regularly scheduled vaccines. By the age of 1 and a half, my son had lost his limited ability to speak and was considered “developmentally delayed” by the time he was 2.

Abie was born January 25th, 1999. 10 months prior to his birth, a month before his conception, I had made the decision I would no longer see autistic patients. My name in Arabic means “one who stays on the right path.” Well I wasn’t staying on the right path. God had destined for me to do something different than what I had decided and this was, at least in retrospect, nothing more than God upping the ante, telling me “You’re going to do what I tell you to do!”

It was obvious this was more than a little transient delay in my son’s development. As time passed, the pediatricians kept saying the same thing, “Oh, well, there’s probably nothing here and just wait” or “maybe he’s just a late developer.” I knew there was something wrong because he lost his ability to speak. It wasn’t that he never acquired it. He LOST it! A 12 to 15 word vocabulary isn’t significant but it’s still a dozen words. And they were all gone.

I didn’t know what to do. Although I had treated hundreds of patients with mercury and lead toxicity, I hadn’t treated a child this young. I knew from having treated autistic children in the past that his behavior was the same as observed in this patient population and that terrified me. I knew my son was NOT supposed to be in this state.

I spent thousands of hours over the next few years, many hours late at night, studying, researching, learning, crying, praying, that my son would be returned to me. I pleaded, begged and threatened God. I bartered with the creator, negotiating my arms or my legs in exchange for the return of my son. But throughout this ordeal, Abie always looked at me with the eyes that a teacher would look at his student, eyes that would say, “Don’t worry Dad, I know you’ll figure it out.”

Of course, the rest of the story is now a matter of public record and history but for those who don’t know, Abie’s 4th set of tests finally showed mercury levels more than 4 times what is considered to be safe. As a result, I developed an innovative method to treat him using a transdermal chelator, which up till that time had never been contemplated. 5 months after I initiated the new treatment, Abie went from no language to over a 500 word vocabulary, and ended up becoming the youngest formal witness in front of the US Congress.

Today, people ask me if he’s “normal” but he’s anything BUT normal. He’s exceptionally handsome, gentle, ahead of his peers in school in all areas by a few grade levels, an incredible athlete and was a black belt and state champion while still 8 years old. He touches everyone who meets him and to know him is to truly love him. The efficacy of Abie’s treatment is now well documented. We have personally treated almost 700 children now from all over the world, from over 25 different countries from every continent. Furthermore, many doctors are now following our same protocols with tremendous success.

In retrospect it’s pretty clear that Abie came into this world for a specific reason. His name (Abid) in Arabic actually means “one who serves God” and I believe he’s already fulfilled that mission and will continue to help make the change the world is waiting for. It is now painfully obvious that I was deviating from my destiny when I decided to stop treating children with autism. It was my son who kept me on the right path. The DVD entitled “Autism, The Misdiagnosis of Our Future Generations” tells the full story and discloses the truth about this preventable and reversible condition.

Today’s World

Today’s world presents us with problems beyond what our forefathers could contemplate. What happened to my son has happened to millions. Unfortunately, most are still suffering. And it’s not just the children. My life’s mission, my purpose on this planet, is now very clear to me and my goal of changing the way medicine is practiced has already begun to start coming to fruition.

For instance, 80% of all deaths in the industrialized world result from either heart disease or cancer, according to the World Health Organization. Let’s put this into perspective. If you take every single cause of death including suicide, homicide, trauma, drowning, all natural disasters, all wars, all other chronic diseases combined, they only represent 2 out of every 10 (or 20%) causes of death. The rest (8 out of 10) die from Heart Disease or Cancer. If you add neuro-degenerative disease, together these 3 conditions represent 92% of causes of all death.

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, 1,250,000 suffer from heart attacks every year in the US. 7.5 million (1 out of 40) have actually survived their heart attacks. 50 million (1 out of 6) have high blood pressure and 7% (1 out of 14) has ischemic heart disease (blocked arteries restricting blood flow to the heart).

Every 21.8 seconds, some person in the USA is hearing their doctor say the dreaded words .”I’m sorry but you have cancer!” According to the American Cancer Society, in 2007 these words shattered the lives of 1,444,920 in the USA alone. 1 out of every 2 men and 1 out of every 3 women will experience hearing these same words, “you have cancer” sometime in their life times.

Look around you. 1 out of every 2 or 3 of you will hear these very same words sometime in your lives. In Canada, another 1,248,899 people heard these same words. 10’s of millions more will have their lives torn into shreds because the person who these words were said too, will be THEIR mother, father, brother, sister, wife, husband, son or daughter.

The cause of these and other chronic diseases boils down to one common factor known as oxidation or oxidative stress (OS). OS is nothing more than the rusting process and is a process the body is constantly undergoing. Certain normal everyday things such as exercise and eating increase OS. In response the body creates its own anti-oxidants (anti = against; oxidant = substance causing OS).

A visual example of OS is what happens to an apple or banana when you cut it and it turns brown after a few minutes. When OS stress exceeds the body’s antioxidant reserves, chronic disease will manifest. As a result, anything increasing oxidative stress is bad. Toxicities exponentially increase the level of OS. There are two options to address increasing OS. First, remove the substances (toxicities) that are increasing the OS. Second, increase the bodies antioxidant reserves to buffer against oxidant damage caused by the toxicities.

The good news is, you can you do something to prevent yourself from becoming a statistic, but it comes down to the choices you will make. There are 7 toxicities that plague modern society. If all these 7 toxicities can be EFFECTIVELY eliminated (the operative word being EFFECTIVELY), chronic disease can NOT exist. Although this may be difficult to believe, we have clinically validated these findings using real patients and documented all facts and observations with video recordings, realizing the limits of studies where data can be manipulated to show the desired outcome.

In conditions where we have not been able to solve the issue, it is our inadequacy in determining the toxicity or inability to effectively remove the toxicity in question that result in the failure of treatment. The discussion of the 7 Toxicities and the solution to OS is beyond the scope of this article unfortunately, but suffice it to say that the solution is available to anyone who chooses to reach out and obtain it.

This theorem has been clinically validated in all areas of medicine including the 3 previously described (heart disease, cancer and neurodegenerative disease) as causing 92% of all deaths in the industrialized world. For more information, the reader is encouraged to see the video trailers themselves and view some of the evidence first hand.


Some of you may do a search on me, or on some of these subjects and will discover that the one problem with the internet is that it lacks the ability to filter integrity from deception. You may even read or see posts describing me as a “quack” or worse. And that is absolutely fine. As I have responded during interviews in the media, as long as you distinguish me and my results from that of my conventional peers and their results, I don’t mind what you call me. Just don’t put me in the category of these fear based, insecure, ego driven, ignorant doctors, who don’t have the courage to do the right thing for those who they have taken an oath to help. These poor souls, who would rather pay homage to the governmental regulatory bodies such as the FDA, FTC and the state medical boards, all appointed to maintain the interests of the pharmaceutical and the insurance industry, are destined to live their empty lives opposing advancements in medicine and science.

As someone once said, “if you are NOT part of the solution, you are by definition a part of the problem”. I choose to be a part of the solution. I choose to sleep very soundly at night, like a rock. I choose to live my life so that the person who looks back at me every morning in the mirror, is happy with me for what I did the day before, and what I will do today. I choose to be true to myself.

For those who allow others to think for them, this will be where they stop reading. But for those of you who are discriminating and intelligent, you will discover the truth with just a little bit more investigation. Let your own intellect be the determining factor and the truth will disclose itself.

The fact is that every 13.2 seconds, an American will die under the care of a well intentioned but uninformed physician. More than half the US population will be prescribed an anti-depressant sometime during their life. Pharmaceuticals are responsible for the 3rd leading cause of death in our country, per research done at John Hopkins School of Medicine and as published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). And cancer and heart disease continue to increase in incidence and are the biggest takers of life on our planet.

Some of these doctors may NOT be as sincere as we would hope for members of our profession to be, such as the cases where some California heart surgeons were prosecuted for doing surgeries that were not indicated by even the low standard criteria. But for the most part, doctors are trying to do the best they can, under the constraints created by the medical bureaucratic organizations and regulatory bodies, intent upon justifying their existence under the pretense of protecting the public from “charlatans.”

Do “charlatans” exist? Yes, absolutely! But these “charlatans” are people trying to sell you a good or service that has no validity in order to make a living. However, think about this for a second; A doctor does NOT need to be a “charlatan” because he or she can simply write a prescription for a drug that has 37 different side effects and could potentially kill you, but still be paid by the patient or insurance company and is protected from any recourse of wrong doing because they were simply practicing within the “standard of care” and protected by the confines of traditional medicine.

In fact, all that ANY doctor accused of being a “charlatan” has to do is start prescribing drugs to cover up symptoms and suddenly, he is no longer a “charlatan”. These doctors are doing exactly what every other doctor is doing and are therefore protected by the hierarchy, almost as if ignorance condones further ignorance.

But, what happens if the doctor really wants to help you, or has now learned what can help you, has “seen the light”, and doesn’t want to cover up your symptom with a drug? What happens to the doctor who knows that to cover up the symptoms with medicines would only be a temporary fix in the first place while potentially causing you harm from the side effect of the drug?

Those doctors are falsely labeled as a “charlatans” or as “quacks”, and once labeled, become the subject of prosecution by medical boards and governmental regulatory bodies. It may surprise you to know that most of these issues arise from:

a.) Anonymous complaints from insurance companies (which are trying to get out of paying for medical claims they are obligated to pay),

b.) Medical boards who are protecting the interests of the traditional medical societies who they have an incestuous relationship with, while also providing justification for their own existence,

c.) Governmental regulatory bodies that have the interests of the pharmaceutical industry as their foremost but hidden agenda, and on the rare occasion,

d.) Dishonest individuals attempting to get rid of their financial obligations under the pretense of having been the victims of this so called “quackery”.

Meanwhile, the real “quacks”, prescribing drug after drug, and more drugs to counter the side effects of the first set of drugs, continue to slowly poison and maim the masses, using known toxic substances in vaccinations, and using dangerous synthetic substances that cause death.

Exaggeration? Then explain the 55,000 deaths due to Vioxx while the FDA stood by and did nothing to stop the medicine from being released to the public? Or Paxil? Or any other of the 100’s of drugs found to cause serious damage and even death that had supposedly been established as safe by our FDA.

And yet, the FDA issues public safety warnings regarding EDTA, which is used to remove metals from the body (and is used as a preservative in Ketchup and Mayonnaise), a substance 1/3rd as toxic as an aspirin with a safety profile established since the 1940’s, because it reportedly caused 8 deaths over the last 30 year period.

Of course, there was no mention of the millions of lives saved by EDTA, the fact that it is used in the treatment of heart disease by integrative doctors, or was listed in the PDR as an approved method of treating heart disease and vascular disease (arteriosclerosis) in the 1950’s. Interestingly enough, upon the advent of bypass surgery EDTA suddenly disappeared from the PDR. Some may consider this more than suspect.

Difference Between Success and Failure

So what’s the reason I’m telling you this story? It’s because of one thing that I believe is essential for every living human on this planet in order for you to empower yourself. It is the crucial defining factor that dictates ultimate success vs. certain defeat. It is why Abie is today completely healthy and normal (as normal as a gifted child can be). It is a lesson that I wish everyone to learn and understand, to fully embrace and experience the power of it, because it is the essence of all achievement, whether health or financial, spiritual or emotional.

No matter what your situation, remember that it could always be worse. You may think these to be “motivational” words, but they are meant to be a slap in the face to wake you up to reality! No matter how bad you think your situation is, it is NOTHING compared to what some people endure on a daily basis.

Look at the poverty in South Africa, the hunger in Ethiopia, the atrocities beyond our comprehension that are committed in parts of the world. I don’t care how bad you THINK your situation is, it is something that you should be grateful for and consider yourself fortunate. Your situation is nothing compared to those who have no shelter or food.

The difference between a successful person and a person who is considered a failure is extremely small. In fact, it is so small that it often can’t be determined. Same education, same opportunity, same knowledge, same financial means – and yet one person fails and the other succeeds. If you look at two pots of water on a hot stove and one suddenly begins boiling – what is the difference? Your answer may be simply that one is boiling and the other is not. But what is the DIFFERENCE?

The difference is 1 degree, the difference between 211 degrees F and 212 degrees F. Only 1 degree. And yet, that one simple, small degree makes a huge difference. The difference between success and failure is so small that you could liken it to the simple flicking of a light switch. The wiring, electricity and bulb are all there. But it takes the act of flicking the switch from ÔOff’ to ÔOn’ for the room to go from total darkness to saturated in light.

The specific steps to flick the switch ÔOn’ can be provided in such a practical manner that it is almost as easy as following a recipe. These steps all revolve around how to eliminate the “5th Toxicity”; one of 7 toxicities that I mentioned earlier which I believe are the cause of all chronic disease. If you eliminate all 7 of these toxicities, you will completely eradicate the cause of all chronic disease.

It may hard to believe, but these steps have been proven using the purest forms of science (clinical observation and quantum physics) to establish the validity of my theories. Beyond that, the evidence has been documented via video and has now been made available to the public so that they may reach their own informed decision.

I have not only postulated much of this information but applied it successfully in many cases to chronic disease – often terminal conditions. I have used these principals myself by testing and refining each step, achieving extraordinary success in practically every facet of my life. This information is based on hard scientific principals, many of which will be substantiated using the work of Nobel Prize Laureates.

All the information is utilizable and practical, and specific steps will be defined for you to follow. Using these steps, you will be able to start achieving anything your heart and mind could ever desire. The information is not theoretical; it is practical, tried and proven. And it is as completely contained as possible in the DVD entitled, “The 5th Toxicity”, a part of the Know Your Options, The Medical Series. This DVD highlights what I teach at the “Build A Successful Life” seminar series.


Power Within Us

We all possess an incredible power within us to accomplish anything we want. More importantly, anyone can learn how to focus and harness this hidden power that resides within each human being. In fact, most of us don’t have any idea of our own capability. One of our seminars is about engaging this power — in a controlled manner — to utilize this endless phenomenal source for any purpose our hearts desire.

This information is for anyone who wishes to improve or change their situation, gain control of their life, break through personal barriers, achieve anything they desire and overcome any obstacle – whether physical, emotional, spiritual, academic, athletic, financial or related to your performance or health.

It’s easier to stay where you are than to make the necessary change in your life. If you have used numerous self help programs, but have found implementing the steps to be difficult or have not been able to put it all together Ð there is an actual reason! The answer will be disclosed in some of these DVD’s, at least in the context of medicine.

But the 5th toxicity DVD will give you more information on this topic. You will have the exact steps proven to blow through these obstacles, from as simple as changing dire financial situations to as difficult as facing chronic illness or a terminal diagnosis such as cancer. If you may wish to inquire specifically on this topic to learn how these exact techniques have been successfully implemented by some people, visit

When presented with opportunities that can change our lives, most people tend to make excuses and stay within their comfort zone. We question things, when intuitively our instinct (higher guide) is already directing us. If these words ring true, this information is for you. If not, then you should bypass this information.


What You Believe

If you are experiencing any or all of the above, if you want to find out how to succeed at anything, end your pain, improve your health, regain your vitality, solve your chronic health issues, accomplish what your heart desires, improve your attitude, control your anger, program yourself for success, increase your income, or whatever else you want in life, would it surprise you to find out that the answer to all these issues is exactly the same?

How would you like to have someone PROVE this to you, beyond the shadow of any doubt, using only science that has already been nominated numerous times and has WON the Nobel Peace Prize….7 TIMES!

If I told you that you can break through absolutely any barrier, any self constraint, any issue and help you to define how to solve any dilemma that is facing you either now or in the future, would you believe me? If I told you that the information is supported by 7 Nobel Prize Laureates and is embedded so deeply in Quantum Physics that it will be impossible for any intelligent person to refute this information, would you believe me?

But, before we go on, I want you to contemplate the following question: Do you believe what I have just said above is the truth? Do you believe what you have just read? Here is your first lesson. Whether you decide to learn more or forget the information discussed so far, it has the potential to serve you through out the rest of your life, but ONLY IF you let it.

Whatever you believe you CAN or CANNOT do, you are correct. This is also true of belief. If you believe what I have said, it will be as I have said, just as it was for the people who have sent letters about how this information has changed their lives, just as my life was changed when I BELIEVED Abie would be returned to me.

And if you believe that what I said is a bunch of marketing hype and BS, guess what my friend? It won’t even be that much! It is YOU and ONLY you, who will determine what your reality is, and what your ultimate experience will be.

This is true whether it be in facing cancer or in achieving extraordinary success in the financial sector or in accomplishing a significant win during a sporting event or just simply building a stronger relationship with your significant other.


Basis of Choice

Make sure your heart is open and that you do not have any preconceived notions. Whatever this sixth sense tells you, it will be the correct answer for you. It is the universal consciousness that is guiding you. It is the “GOD” energy that is telling you what you should to.

Today, you’ve found this website. I hope that you have learned something of value from what you’ve read. I highly recommend and encourage you to take advantage of the FREE 24 part Medical Secrets Audio Program Series. It will provide you with information that I guarantee will have a significant impact on your health and on your life in general as well as potentially on the life of a loved one. Most importantly, it’s not going to cost you a dime so take advantage of this information.

I wish each of you perfect health, great fortune and tremendous success. Remember that everything you will ever face in life will always boil down to one word, and that one word is simply, “CHOICE.” You always have a choice. It is your God given right to be able to make a choice in anything and everything that you do.

All choices have a root basis from where they emanate, which can be distilled down to only 1 of 2 possible root bases for any choice you will ever be faced with. The two roots that form the basis of all choices are either FEAR or LOVE. One is an illusion. The other is real.

Do you FEAR this information because it goes against the popular thought of the day? Do you FEAR it because you don’t want to be ridiculed by your family, pears, conventional doctors, etc.? Or do you LOVE your self enough, or LOVE your child enough to open your eyes and seek the truth?

The question you have to ask yourself now is which root is the basis of the choice you will make?


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