If you are suffering from ANY chronic disease, then you owe it to yourself to KNOW YOUR Medical OPTIONS!

The next few seconds could dramatically change your life more than ANY other single event.

The “Know Your Options DVD’s were created for the express purpose of what the title indicates – giving the viewer options to their medical dilemmas they did not previously realize even existed. The DVD’s provide vital information that everyone should know if they care about their health and well being.

Documentation and explanation of highly effective and often less expensive treatment options with much better safety profiles compared to traditional treatments are presented. Proof of results are provided by real patients, through their own self assessments and in their own words. Resources and, if necessary, locations throughout the country where you can get these treatments from experienced and trained physicians are also included.

Your guide on this journey is Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, one of the most outspoken physicians and criticts of the current health care system in our country, who is ranked as one of the top doctors in the United States by Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Healthy Solutions, Inc. and Philips Publishing.

What You Will Learn

The topics covered run the full spectrum of the causes of chronic disease which are virtually ignored by the conventional medical establishment. You may already know that 92% of causes of all deaths result from 3 disease processes: Heart Disease, Cancer and Neurodegenerative disease. But what you may NOT know is that the cause of these diseases is the same, and is commonly referred to as “oxidative stress”.

Cancer: In 2007, over 1,444,920 people will be told that they have cancer in the USA. In Canada, another 1,248,899 will be diagnosed with cancer. In fact, statistics from the National Cancer Institute show that 1 out of every 2 males and 1 out of every 3 females in the U.S. will have cancer sometime in their lives.

Heart Disease: According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, 1,250,000 suffer from heart attacks every year in the United States. Most of these people die, but 7.5 million (1 out of 40) have actually survived their heart attacks. 50 million (1 out of 6) have high blood pressure. And 7% of the population (1 out of 14) has ischemic heart disease (blocked arteries restricting blood flow to the heart).

Oxidative stress or “oxidation” is the rusting process, and is what you witness when an apple is cut and turns brown within a few minutes. “Oxidation” is part of life but the more rapidly it occurs, the faster the aging process and the more the damage caused. Certain things increase the rate of this damage such as heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants or various other forms of toxicity.

As an example, the prevalence, incidence and ubiquitous nature of chronic heavy metal toxicity may be the greatest undiagnosed medical condition and the most unrecognized contributory cause of death in the industrialized world, contributing significantly to the onset of cancer, heart disease and neurodegenerative disease.

Continuing with this example, unless you address the immuno-suppression caused by heavy metals and other oxidizing agents, a cure for cancer will never be developed. The common characteristics of cancer and what can be done not only to prevent cancer, but also the 5 step approach used by Dr. Buttar to repair the immune system in order to address the cancer are brought to light in the cancer video. This information is essential if you or your loved one have been diagnosed with cancer or other immune disorder.

Many neurodegenerative diseases, from Autism to Alzheimer’s, are characterized by a toxic system on board a physiology with a genetic predisposition for the inability to detoxify. The detailed explanation with documentation of the treatment and results achieved in fully resolving various developmental delays is now available to you on the Autism DVD, which includes the symptoms and signs of autism.

Heart disease is among the top 2 killers in the industrialized world despite all the advances in science. The heart disease DVD shows how diseases of the heart and related vascular conditions (stroke, poor circulation) are impacted by oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation and how these conditions may be reversed WITHOUT surgery by addressing the various types of toxicity.

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